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This week’s Must-Shareable:

For this week, I have chosen Summer in Calcutta by Kamala Das.
I love Kamala Das and words generated from her ink never get old. I have been enjoying Kolkata these days, its variegated housings, the openly flowing dark drainage water with periwinkle anomalies sprouting above. Today morning was all about Kamala Das and mishti and meat in an unruffled splendour that only Kolkata can offer.

What is this drink but
The April sun, squeezed
Like an orange in
My glass? I sip the
Fire, I drink and drink
Again, I am drunk
Yes, but on the gold
of suns, What noble
venom now flows through
my veins and fills my
mind with unhurried
laughter? My worries
doze. Wee bubblesring
my glass, like a brides
nervous smile, and meet
my lips. Dear, forgive
this moments lull in
wanting you, the blur
in memory. How
brief the term of my
devotion, how brief
your reign when i with
glass in hand, drink, drink,
and drink again this
Juice of April suns.

What’s a Must-Shareable?
Hi, I’m S. Simlai and you’re reading my cabinet and I’m a poetry buff. I consume poetry like I consume truffles and cakes. Must Shareable is a concept as a part of which, each week, my cabinet features one new Must-Shareable poem or an extract of a poem on this page ( a poem that I reckon is a literary gemstone).

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